Product Documentation

Ongoing App and Device Management Workflow

Feb 16, 2015

After you finish configuring XenMobile first in the command-line console and next in the XenMobile console, the dashboard opens. If you skipped some of the install configurations at that time, you can view the recommended initial settings in the Initial Settings Workflow.

Next, you can configure some prerequisites before you add apps and devices by following the Console Prerequisites Workflow. Then, you can add apps by following the Adding Apps Workflow, and you can add and register devices by following the Adding Devices Workflow. After you complete the first four workflows, you enroll user devices by following the Enrolling User Devices Workflow. To view the entire workflow, see Getting Started with the XenMobile Console.

This sixth and final workflow shows recommended ongoing app and device management activities you can do in the console.

Note: The items with an asterisk are optional.

For more information about the support options found from clicking the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the console, see XenMobile Support and Maintenance.