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Jun 22, 2015

XenMobile and NetScaler Gateway require licenses. For more information about NetScaler Gateway licensing, see Installing Licenses on NetScaler Gateway.

XenMobile uses Citrix Licensing to manage licenses. For more information about Citrix Licensing, see The Citrix Licensing System.

When you purchase XenMobile, you receive an order confirmation email message containing instructions for activating your licenses. New customers must register for a license program before placing an order. For more information about XenMobile licensing models and programs, see XenMobile licensing.

You must install Citrix Licensing before downloading your XenMobile licenses. The name of the server on which you installed Citrix Licensing is required to generate the license file. When you install XenMobile, Citrix Licensing is installed on the server by default. Alternatively, you can use an existing Citrix Licensing deployment to manage your XenMobile licenses. For more information about installing, deploying, and managing Citrix Licensing, see Licensing Your Product.


XenMobile 10.1 requires the 11.12.1 Citrix License Server or later; older server versions do not work with XenMobile 10.1.


If you intend to cluster nodes, or instances, of XenMobile, you need to use Citrix Licensing on a remote server.

Citrix recommends that you retain local copies of all license files you receive. When you save a backup copy of the configuration file, all license files are included in the backup. If, however, you reinstall XenMobile without first backing up the configuration file, you will need the original license files.

XenMobile Licensing Considerations

In the absence of a license, XenMobile operates fully featured in trial mode for a grace period of 30 days. This trial mode can be used only one time, with the 30-day period beginning upon installation. Access to the XenMobile web console is never blocked, regardless of whether a valid XenMobile license is available.

Although XenMobile allows you to upload multiple licenses, only one license can be activated at a time.

When a XenMobile license expires, all device management functionality becomes unavailable. For example, new users or devices cannot be enrolled, and apps and configurations deployed to enrolled devices cannot be updated.

To find the Licensing page on the XenMobile console

When the Licensing page first appears after you install XenMobile, the license is set for the default 30-day trial mode and is not yet configured. You can add and configure licenses on this page.

  1. On the XenMobile console, click Configure > Settings.
  2. Click Licensing. The Licensing page appears.

To add a local license

When adding new licenses, they appear in the table. The first license added is automatically activated. If you add multiple licenses of the same category, such as Enterprise, and type, such as device, these licenses are shown in a single row of the table. In these cases, the Total number of license and Number used reflect the combined amount for the common licenses. The Expires on date shows the latest expiration date among the common licenses.

You manage all local licenses through the XenMobile console.

  1. Obtain a license file from the Simple License Service, through the License Administration Console, or directly from your account on For details, see Obtain your license files.
  2. In the console, click Configure > Settings > Licenses. The Licensing page appears.
  3. Set Configure license to On. The License type list, the Add button, and the Licensing table appear. The Licensing table contains licenses you have used with XenMobile. If you have not added a Citrix license yet, the table is empty.

  4. Ensure that License type is set to Local license and then click Add. The Add New License dialog box appears.

  5. In the Add New License dialog box, click Choose File and then browse to find your license.
  6. Click Upload. The license is uploaded locally and appears in the table.

  7. When the license appears in the table on the License page, activate it. If this is the first license in the table, the license is activated automatically.

To add a remote license

If you are using the remote Citrix Licensing server, use the Citrix Licensing server to manage all licensing activity. For details, see Licensing Your Product.

  1. On the Licensing page, set Configure license to On. The License type list, the Add button, and the Licensing table appear. The Licensing table contains licenses you have used with XenMobile. If you have not added a Citrix license yet, the table is empty.
  2. Set License type to Remote license. The Add button is replaced by the License server and Port fields and the Test Connection button.

    Add remote license

  3. In License server, type the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your remote licensing server.
  4. In the Port field, accept the default port or type the port number used to communicate with the licensing server.
  5. Click Test Connection. If the connection is successful, XenMobile connects with the Licensing server and the Licensing table is filled with available licenses. If the connection is unsuccessful, check that you provided the correct information and that all connections are active.
    Note: If there is only one license, it is activated automatically.

To activate a different license

If you have multiple licenses, you can choose the license you want to activate. You can have only one license active at a time, however.

  1. On the Licensing page, in the Licensing table, click the row of the license you want to activate. An Activate confirmation box appears next to the row.

  2. Click Activate. The Activate dialog box appears.

  3. Click Activate.
    Important: If you activate the selected license, the currently active license is deactivated.
    The selected license is activated.

To automate an expiration notification

After you have activated remote or local licenses, you can configure XenMobile to automatically notify you or a designate when the license expiration date approaches.

  1. On the Licensing page, set Expiration notification to On. New notification-related fields appear.

  2. In Notify every, type:
    • The frequency the notifications are sent, such as every 7 days.
    • When to begin sending the notification, such as 60 days before the license expires.
  3. In the Recipient field, type your email address or the email address of the person responsible for the license.
  4. In the Content field, type an expiration notification message that the recipient sees in the notification.
  5. Click Save. At the designated number of days before expiration, XenMobile begins sending email messages containing the text you provided during this process to the recipient you identified. The notifications are repeated with the frequency you established.