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To add, edit, or delete client properties

Jun 19, 2015
Client properties contain information that is provided directly to Worx Home on users' devices. These properties are used to configure advanced settings, such as the Worx PIN. You obtain client properties from Citrix support.
Note: Client properties are subject to change with every release of client apps, particularly Worx Home.
  1. In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Settings > More > Client Properties.

    Select settings client properties

    The Client Properties page appears. You can add, edit, and delete client properties from this page.

    Client properties page

To add a client property

  1. In the Client Properties page, click Add. The Add New Client Property page appears.

    Add new client property

  2. In the Add New Client Property page, enter the following information:
    Note: All fields are required.
    1. Key: In the list, click the property key you want to add.
      Important: Contact Citrix Support before making any changes or request a special key to make a change.
    2. Value: Enter the selected property's value.
    3. Name: Enter a name for the property.
    4. Description: Enter a description of the property.

To edit a client property

  1. In the Client Properties table, select the client property you want to edit.
    Note: When you select the check box next to a client property, the options menu appears above the client property list; when you click anywhere else in the list, the options menu appears on the right side of the listing.

    Select client property

    Select client properties

  2. Click Edit. The Edit Client Property page appears.

    Edit client properties page

  3. Change the following information as appropriate:
    1. Value: The selected property value.
    2. Name: The name for the property.
    3. Description: The description of the property.
  4. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to leave the property unchanged.

To delete a client property

  1. In the Client Properties table, select the client property you want to delete.
    Note: You can select more than one property to delete by selecting the check box next to each property.
  2. Click Delete. A confirmation dialog box appears. Click Delete again.