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Upgrading XenMobile

Mar 21, 2016
When new versions of XenMobile software are available, you can upgrade to a new version. You have two options for upgrading depending on your scenario:
  • To install new versions of XenMobile 10.1 software, service packs, and system patches, you use the Release Management page in the XenMobile console as described later in this article.  
  • To upgrade from XenMobile 9.0 - MDM edition, App Edition, and Enterprise Edition - to XenMobile 10.1, you use the Upgrade Tool. For details, see the articles in this section. You can download the Upgrade Tool from the downloads page.


  • Citrix recommends that you use the latest version of the Upgrade Tool. This version lets you update MAM, MDM and Enterprise modes of your XenMobile 9.0 environment within one tool. When new versions or important updates are available, they are published to and a notice is sent to the contact on record for each customer.
  • If your XenMobile 9.0 setup is based on named SQL instances, you need to follow steps specific to this situation. For details see, Supporting Named SQL Instances.


  • Be aware of this XenMobile 10.1 known issue, because it is likely that your XenMobile 9.0 host name may have an uppercase letter. In this case, after upgrading to XenMobile 10.1, devices cannot access the Worx Store.  When you configure XenMobile server with an uppercase letter in the host name, such as, the Worx Store does not open on devices after the devices enroll. [#545527]
  • After upgrading to XenMobile 10.1, when you update Worx Mobile Apps in XenMobile 10.1 that you configured in an earlier release, the app settings no longer appear in the XenMobile console. You need to edit and configure the settings for these apps again. You do not need to reinstall the apps. You only need to do this step one time; the values will stay intact for future updates if you update the app or update the server.

To upgrade XenMobile


  • Before you install a XenMobile update, use the facilities in your virtual machine (VM) to take a snapshot of your system.
  • Back up your system configuration database.
  • Review the system requirements.  
  1. Log on to your account on the Citrix website and download the XenMobile Upgrade (.bin) file to an appropriate location.
  2. In the XenMobile console, click Configure > Settings > Release Management.

    Select Release Management

    The Release Management page appears, which displays the currently installed software version, as well as a list of any updates, patches, and upgrades you have already uploaded.

    Release management page

  3. Under Updates, click Update. The Update dialog box appears.

    Update release start

    Update release dialog

  4. Click Browse, navigate to the location where you saved the XenMobile upgrade file you downloaded from and then select the file.
  5. Click Update and then if prompted, restart XenMobile.
    Note: XenMobile might not require a restart after the update installs. In this case, a message indicates that the updated installation is successful. If, however, XenMobile does require a restart, you must use the command line.
    Important: If your system is configured in cluster mode, follow these steps to update each node:
    • Shut down all but one node.
    • Update that node.
    • Confirm that the service is running before updating the next node.
    If for some reason the update cannot be completed successfully, an error message appears indicating the problem. The system is reverted to its state prior to the update attempt.