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Filters and Tables in the XenMobile Console

May 21, 2015
You can find filters and tables throughout the XenMobile console. They are on the main Devices, Enrollment, Device Policies, Apps, Actions, and Delivery Groups tabs as well as on many of the pages under the Settings tab, such as Local Users and Groups. With filters, you can narrow the information in any of these areas of the console to locate the exact information you want to view or on which you want to act. With tables, you can click one or more items to view options for carrying out actions on the selected items. The options may change depending on how many items you select.

The following table lists some of the common options and where you can find them.

Menu option Action Table where the option appears
Add Add a new item to the table. All
Category Add and manage categories for apps. Apps
Copy URL Copy a URL to the clipboard. Enrollment
Delete or Delete All Permanently remove the selected items. All
Deploy Deploy resources to users and devices. Devices and Delivery Groups
Disable Disable an app or the AllUsers delivery group. Apps and Delivery Groups
Edit Make changes to an existing item. All but Enrollment
Export Send the contents of the table to a .csv file. All
Import Add devices from a provisioning file. Devices
Add local users and groups from a file. Local Users and Groups
Manage Local Groups Add a local group for management. Local Users and Groups
Notify Send a notification to the selected users and devices. Enrollment and Devices
Refresh Update the table. Devices
Secure Invoke security actions on the selected device. Devices
Self Help Portal Enable the self help portal as an enrollment mode. Enrollment
Update Update the values in a table. Release Management

To view options from the tables in the XenMobile console

To carry out actions on information on the tables in the console, you can view the various options in a few different ways:
  • You can select the check box next to an item to show the options menu above the list.
  • You can select the check box next to more than one item to perform an action on all those items at one time. What you can do to multiple items depends on the table you are viewing.
  • You can click an item in the list to show the options menu on the right side of the listing. When you click Show More, you will see the details about that item. What you see depends on the table you are viewing.
  • You can type a full or partial name in the Search box to limit the number of items listed.

The following figure shows how the options appear in the Device Policies area of the console. There are only 10 items listed per page. You click the triangles in the bottom right corner of the page to move forward and backward through the pages.

Device policy table

To filter information in the XenMobile console

When you want to see a specific subset of the information in an area of the console, such as Devices, Enrollment, Device Policies, Apps, Actions, Delivery Groups, and Local Users and Groups, you can filter the list based on criteria you select. This procedure uses the Devices page as an example, but the steps to filter are the same throughout the console.

  1. On the Devices page, click Show Filter.

    Show filter

    The filter panel appears, which lists the criteria by which you can filter the Devices list. When you first show the filter, all the criteria are collapsed.

    Filter pane

  2. Click the triangle to the left of a filter to display the criteria available for that filter. The numerals to the right of each criterion represent the number of devices that fit that criterion.

    Expanded filter criteria

  3. Select the filter criteria you want to use. The Devices list is limited to those devices that meet the selected criteria.

    Filter applied

  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Hide Filter to continue working with the filtered list.
    • Click Clear All to revert to the full list.
    • Click Clear next to a specific criterion to delete that filter and remove those items from the filtered list.
  5. If you want to save the selected criteria as a custom filter, in the Save the filter field at the bottom of the Filter panel, type a descriptive name and then click Save. If you decide not to save the filter, click Cancel.

    Save filter

  6. After you save the filter, you can select it at the bottom of the Filter panel to filter information in the table.
    Note: If you click the triangle to the right of the filter name, you can rename or delete the filter.

    Saved filter options