Product Documentation

Device Monitoring

Feb 27, 2015

The Monitor tab in XenMobile Mail Manager lets you browse the Exchange ActiveSync and BlackBerry devices that have been detected and the history of automated PowerShell commands that have been issued. The Monitor tab has the following three tabs:

  • ActiveSync Devices:
    • You can export the displayed ActiveSync device partnerships by clicking the Export button.
    • You can add Local (static) rules by right-clicking the User, Device ID, or Type columns and selecting the appropriate allow or block rule type.
    • To collapse an expanded row, Ctrl-click the expanded row.

  • Blackberry Devices
  • Automation History

The Configure tab shows the history of all snapshots. Snapshot history shows when the snapshot took place, how long it took, how many devices were detected and any errors that occurred:

  • On the Exchange tab, click the Info icon for the desired Exchange Server.
  • Under the MSP tab, click the Info icon for the desired BlackBerry Server.