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Enabling Clientless Access Persistent Cookies

May 14, 2013

Persistent cookies are required for accessing certain features of SharePoint, such as opening and editing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents hosted on the SharePoint server.

A persistent cookie remains on the user device and is sent with each HTTP request. NetScaler Gateway encrypts the persistent cookie before sending it to the plug-in on the user device, and refreshes the cookie periodically as long as the session exists. The cookie becomes stale if the session ends.

In the NetScaler Gateway wizard, administrators can enable persistent cookies globally. You can also create a session policy to enable persistent cookies per user, group, or virtual server.

The following options are available for persistent cookies:

  • Allow enables persistent cookies and users can open and edit Microsoft documents stored in SharePoint.
  • Deny disables persistent cookies and users cannot open and edit Microsoft documents stored in SharePoint.
  • Prompt prompts users to allow or deny persistent cookies during the session.

Persistent cookies are not required for clientless access if users do not connect to SharePoint.