Citrix ADC

Monitor accounting information delivery from a RADIUS server

You can configure a monitor called a RADIUS accounting monitor to determine whether the Radius server used for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) is delivering accounting information as expected. The monitor is of type RADIUS_ACCOUNTING. The probe is generated by a Perl script called, which is located in the /nsconfig/monitors/ directory. The script sends successive accounting request probes to the RADIUS server. The probe is considered successful only if the RADIUS accounting server responds with a packet whose Code field is set to 5, which, according to RFC 2866, indicates an Accounting-Response packet.

When configuring a RADIUS accounting monitor, you must specify a secret key. You can specify optional parameters, each of which represents a RADIUS attribute, such as Acct-Status-Type and Framed-IP-Address. For information about these attributes, see RFC 2865, “Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS),” and RFC 2866, “RADIUS Accounting.”

To configure a RADIUS accounting monitor by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type the following commands to configure a RADIUS accounting monitor and verify the configuration:

add lb monitor <monitorName> RADIUS_ACCOUNTING [-userName <string>] {-password } {-radKey } [-radNASip <ip_addr>] [-radAccountType <positive_integer>] [-radFramedIP <ip_addr>] [-radAPN <string>] [-radMSISDN <string>] [-radAccountSession <string>]

show lb monitor <monitorName>


add lb monitor radAccntMon RADIUS_ACCOUNTING -radKey "8d#>9jr4rV)L7%a2-zW13sM"
Monitor accounting information delivery from a RADIUS server