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SNMP service monitoring

The Citrix ADC appliance has one built-in monitor that can be used to monitor SMNP services: the SNMP monitor. It periodically checks the SNMP agent on the service to which it is bound by sending a query for the enterprise identification ID (OID) that you configure for monitoring. If the query is successful, the service is marked UP. If the SNMP service finds the OID that you specified, the query succeeds and the SNMP monitor marks the service UP. If it does not find the OID, the query fails and the SNMP monitor marks service DOWN.

Note: Monitor probes originate from the NSIP address.

Parameter Specifies
SNMPOID OID that is used for the SNMP monitor.
snmpCommunity Community that is used for the SNMP monitor.
snmpThreshold Threshold that is used for the SNMP monitor.
snmpVersion SNMP version that is used for load monitoring. Possible Values: V1, V2.

To configure the built-in SNMP monitor, see Configuring Monitors in a Load Balancing Setup.


SNMP service monitoring

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