Web interface service monitoring

In desktop virtualization, the Citrix ADC appliance can be used to load balance the Web Interface (WI) servers and Dynamic Desktop Controller (DDC) servers deployed in the Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop and environments. The Citrix ADC appliance has two built-in monitor types for monitoring the WI servers used in these environments.

A CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE monitor can monitor the Web Interface services efficiently because it monitors a dynamic page at the location specified by the site path. The monitor checks for critical failures in resource availability.

To mark a service as UP, the appliance expects the following response from the server:

  1. For the first GET request, 200 OK .
  2. For the POST request with credentials, 302 Found with the required WIAuthID.
  3. For the last GET request with session cookie, 200 OK.

Note: If a redirect URL is configured, 302 Found is expected in the first request before 200 OK.

Note: Monitor probes originate from the NSIP address.

When you configure a CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE monitor, specify the site path to the location of the http page that displays the data collected by the monitor. To monitor the status of the service, in the specified site path, you can view the data updated dynamically by the monitoring script auth/nocookies.aspx.

Note: End the site path with a slash (/) to indicate that the monitored resource is dynamic.

Note: When you configure the WI-EXTENDED monitor, when specifying the site path, do not enter a slash (/) at the end of the path as the software internally adds a slash at the end of the path. For example, note the following command:

add monitor wi CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED -sitepath "/Citrix/DesktopWeb" -username aaa -password bbb -domain ccc

A CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED monitor verifies the logging process with the Web Interface service. This monitor accesses the login page and passes the user name, password, domain, and site path that were specified while configuring the monitor. It verifies the validity of the login credentials, correct configuration of the monitor (for example, the site path), and the connection with the IIS server.

Note: The CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED monitor is supported only for the .NET version of the WI servers. This monitor will not work for the JSP version of the WI servers.

If you use the wizard for configuring load balancing of the XenDesktop servers, a CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE monitor is automatically created and bound to the WI services. The wizard adds and binds a CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE monitor by default. If you want to add and bind a CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED monitor, select the Validate Credentials check box and type the necessary data. If you do not use the wizard, add a monitor corresponding to the WI services and bind it to each WI service that you create.

For instructions on using the wizard, see Configuring XenDesktop for Load Balancing or Configuring XenApp for Load Balancing.

For instructions on adding a CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE monitor, see Creating Monitors.

For instructions on binding a monitor to a service, see Binding Monitors to Services.

To add a WI monitor by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

add lb monitor <monitorName> <monitorType> -sitePath <site_path> -dispatcherIP -dispatcherPort 3013 -userName <username> -password <password> -domain <domain_name>


add lb monitor mwie CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE -sitePath "/Citrix/XDWI/"
add lb monitor mwie CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED -sitePath "/Citrix/XDWI/"
-dispatcherIP -dispatcherPort 3013 -userName administrator
-password d83d154575d426 -encrypted -domain wi

To add a WI monitor by using the configuration utility

Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Monitors, and create a WI monitor of type CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE or CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED.