Citrix ADC

Activating SureConnect

You can set the Citrix ADC appliance to activate SureConnect if either of two criteria match. Both criteria are arguments to the add sc policy command, as described here:

  • -delay <microseconds>

    The first time the client requests the URL, the appliance records how long the server takes to respond. The appliance will not activate SureConnect until the second time the URL is requested. The first and second requests may be from the same or different clients.

    If you set -delay argument, SureConnect will be activated the second time the delay reaches the threshold you set.


  • -maxConn

    When the appliance receives a request, it checks the number of connections to the server for the configured URL. SureConnect is activated if the number of connections is greater than or equal to the value that you set for the -maxConn argument.

    If you will be providing alternate content to be displayed in the client’s Web browser, you should configure the -action argument of the add sc policy command. This specifies for the Citrix ADC appliance whether the alternate content is coming from a dedicated alternate server (-action ACS) or the appliance (-action NS).

    When SureConnect is activated by the –maxConn argument, the SureConnect window and progress bar are displayed in the client’s browser (with an alternate page, if configured).

Activating SureConnect