With an increase in the number of informational events that organizations generate, it becomes challenging for administrators to manage these events and convert them into actionable insights. These insights influence decisions that can have a business impact.

Citrix Analytics provides the solution to overcome this challenge by aggregating data across users, devices, networks, applications, and files and generating actionable insights. Administrators can proactively handle user and application security threats, improve app performance, and support continuous operations.

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Why Citrix Analytics

Here’s a video that explains why Citrix Analytics is a recommended solution: Access to advanced analytics delivered instantly. Link: https://youtu.be/x0YfxXDevJk.

What is Citrix Analytics?

Citrix Analytics is a Cloud-based service that works across Citrix portfolio products and third-party products. It gathers data from these products (or data sources) and uses built-in Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to detect anomalous behavior of a user or any other entity. It then monitors and troubleshoots user sessions, and views operational metrics for users and share links across an organization that uses Citrix products.

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Access the Analytics demo site to discover the capabilities of Citrix Analytics: https://analytics-demo.cloud.com/.


You must have a Citrix Cloud account to access the demo site.

Citrix Analytics offerings

Citrix Analytics for Security

Collates and provides visibility into user and application behavior. You can track every aspect of the behavior, and by leveraging advanced Machine Learning algorithms, you can distinguish between normal behavior and a malicious attacker. Thus, enabling you to proactively identify and manage internal and external threats.

Learn more: Citrix Analytics for Security

Citrix Analytics for Performance

Provides visibility into the performance of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Sites across an organization. Performance is indicated by the User Experience Score which quantifies the factors that define the experience a user has while using a virtual app or desktop.

Learn more: Citrix Analytics for Performance

Citrix Analytics for Operations

Collates and presents information on user activities such as, websites visited, and the bandwidth spent. It also reports bandwidth use and detected threats, such as malware and phishing sites. You can use these key metrics to monitor your network and take corrective actions.

Learn more: Citrix Analytics for Operations

How Citrix Analytics works

Citrix Analytics integrates with the following products and aggregates metrics on users, applications, endpoints, networks, and data to provide comprehensive insights into user behavior. The products currently supported are:

  • Citrix Access Control
  • Citrix Content Collaboration
  • Citrix Endpoint Management
  • Citrix Gateway
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Microsoft Graph Security
  • Microsoft Active Directory (on-premises)

By using aggregated user behavior information, Citrix Analytics creates profiles of the users and applications across your network. A profile contains information about the devices, files, locations, and so on. This comprehensive visibility into behavior and context can help you fine-tune your product policies in your deployment to mitigate the threats to your network.

Similarly, you can gain visibility into your organization’s user performance using collated user session data. By using this data, you can proactively monitor and troubleshoot issues that arise during a user’s logon session. You can then restructure your infrastructure or your network to ensure smooth user session performance for all users.

You can also view operational analytics data that tracks user operations and app operations. You can view the domains accessed and the data volume consumed by user or by an app.

How to buy Citrix Analytics

  • To purchase a Citrix Analytics subscription, visit https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-cloud/form/inquiry/ and contact a Citrix Analytics expert who can help you.

  • If you are a Citrix Cloud customer with subscription to Citrix Workspace (Standard, Premium, or Premium Plus), Analytics will be available to you after signing in to Citrix Cloud. For more information on the offerings, see Citrix Cloud services.

  • If you have a Citrix Cloud account, but do not have a Workspace subscription, you can request for an Analytics trial. See Get access to Analytics.