Known Issues

The Citrix Analytics service has the following known issues:

  • Few risk indicators for the data sources that use data streaming do not generate alerts. You do not get any alert notifications and policy-based actions are not applied automatically if any one of the following risk indicators is triggered:

    • Citrix Endpoint Management risk indicators - Unmanaged device, Jailbroken or rooted device, and Device with blacklisted apps.

    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops risk indicator - Access from device with unsupported operating system (OS).

    • Citrix Content Collaboration risk indicator - Excessive access to sensitive files.

    Workaround: View the risk indicator on user’s risk timeline and apply action manually.

  • If you specify a policy-based action for the Unusual Application (SaaS) risk indicator, the action is not applied automatically when the risk indicator is triggered.

    Workaround: Apply action manually for the risk indicator on the user’s risk timeline.

  • Launching apps by accessing the Workspace URL through a web browser and using the native Citrix Workspace app for Windows or Mac client is not supported currently. Therefore, Citrix Analytics fails to collect data for the launched apps sessions.

    Workaround: Launch applications through the Citrix Workspace app for Windows or Mac user interface.

  • In the user’s profile page, if you apply an action manually without selecting the appropriate risk indicator in the Risk Timeline, the following error is displayed: “Unable to apply [product] actions.”

    Workaround: To apply an action, first select the risk indicator in the Risk Timeline. Then, select an action for the same product the risk indicator originated from.


    Currently, you can apply manual actions only to the product from which the risk indicator originated. For more information, see Policies and actions.

  • Self-service search does not work accurately on Internet Explorer 11. Therefore, you cannot type your search query and perform a search operation.

Known Issues