App Layering

Assign roles


Role management options, which were configurable in the legacy console, are not available in the new UI. New role-based access controls may be added in a future release. The only role that is supported is the Administrator role. Contact your Citrix representative for additional details.

App Layering users

The App Layering service supports two types of users:

  • App Layering administrator. This account is unique to App Layering. You receive it when you first install the App Layering appliance and log on to the management console. You can use it to get started. This “built-in” administrator account has the rights to perform all App Layering operations. You can edit this administrator’s properties, including the name, password, and contact info. The first time you log into the appliance, you are required to change the password for this administrator and agree to the EULA.

  • Active Directory (AD) users. Other than the built-in administrator account, all App Layering users are AD users imported via one or more directory junctions. Once your directory junctions have been created, you can grant Admin rights to users.

Administrator role

  • Can do every operation available in the management console.
  • Administrators can configure system settings and manage licenses.
  • To grant Admin rights, go to System > Administrators and click Add Administrators.

User credentials for logging into the management console

When you grant Admin rights to Directory Service users, they can use their Directory Service credentials to log into the management console.

Assign roles