App Layering

Network File Share

When the App Layering appliance is installed, you set up a network file share to use as a connector configuration when creating layers and publishing Layered Images. This Connector Configuration contains the appliance’s Network File Share credentials and location so you can deploy a Packaging Machine to the File Share when creating layers or publishing Layered Images.

Each connector configuration is set up to access a storage location by using a specific account. For more about Connectors and Connector Configurations, see Connect.

Network File Share Location

The name of the Network File Share connector configuration includes its location. Look for the folder at the top level of the Network File Share. For details, see Set up a file share.

When to select the Network File Share as your Connector Configuration

When you publish Layered Images to a Provisioning Service for which we do not yet have a connector, you can select the Network File Share Connector Configuration. You can then copy the Layered Image from the network file share to the correct location for provisioning servers.

Network File Share