App Layering


The Citrix App Layering service lets you publish layered images as disks compatible with your platform. You can use a layered image to provision virtual machines, as you would with any other image.

About layered images

Layered Images are bootable images composited from an OS layer, a Platform layer, and any number of App layers.

You publish layered images from an image template. The image template lets you specify the layers to include in the layered images. You can also specify the following:

  • The connector configuration to use to access a location in your environment.
  • Whether to enable Elastic layers for delivering applications to users when they log in.
  • Whether to enable User layers, which persist users’ application data and settings.

Layered images for provisioning systems

The way you specify which layers to include in a layered image is by saving the combination of layers you want for a particular group of users in an image template. You then use this template to publish a layered image to your chosen platform.

When you need to update the layered image, you simply edit the image template to add or remove layer assignments and publish a new version of the image.