Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Integrate Citrix ADM with the ServiceNow instance

When you want to enable ServiceNow notifications for Citrix ADC events and ADM events, you must integrate Citrix ADM with the ServiceNow instance. To integrate ADM with the ServiceNow instance, use Citrix ITSM connector. The ITSM connector establishes the communication between Citrix ADM and the ServiceNow instance. For more information, see How ITSM Adapter works.

Perform the following steps to integrate Citrix ADM with ServiceNow using ITSM connector:

  1. Subscribe to ITSM Adapter service in Citrix Cloud

    1. On the ITSM Adapter tile, click Request Trial.

      Request an ITSM trial

    2. Navigate to Identity Access and Management > API Access and note the Client ID and Client Secret information.

  2. Log in to your ServiceNow instance with an administrator credential and perform the following steps:

    1. Go to ServiceNow store. Download and install the Citrix ITSM connector.

    2. On the Citrix ITSM Connector pane, select Home and then click Authenticate. Type the Client ID and Secret that you have noted from Citrix Cloud.

    3. Test the connection.

    4. Save the configuration. An acknowledgment from ServiceNow appears indicating that the connection is active.

  3. Create an endpoint to access a ServiceNow instance. See Create an endpoint for clients to access the instance.

  4. Obtain the Access and Refresh tokens using the Client ID and Client Secret. See OAuth tokens.

    Obtain Access and Refresh tokens

  5. In ITSM adapter, add a ServiceNow instance:

    1. In the Manage tab, select Add ServiceNow Instance.

    2. Specify the Instance Name, Client ID, Client Secret, Refresh Token, and Access Token.

    3. Click Test.

      Register ServiceNow instance on ITSM adapter

      The ServiceNow instance is now connected to the ITSM Adapter service.

    4. After testing the connection successfully, click Save to add a ServiceNow instance.

  6. Test auto-generation of ServiceNow tickets in Citrix ADM.

    1. Log in to Citrix ADM.

    2. Navigate to Settings > Notifications and select ServiceNow.

    3. Select the ServiceNow profile from the list.

    4. Click Test to auto-generate a ServiceNow ticket and verify the configuration.

      If you want to view ServiceNow tickets in the Citrix ADM GUI, select ServiceNow Tickets.

After ServiceNow instance is registered on the ITSM adapter, you can set up ServiceNow notifications for the following events in the Citrix ADM GUI:


This feature is supported on ServiceNow Cloud.

  • Citrix ADC events: Citrix ADM can generate the ServiceNow incidents for selected set of Citrix ADC events from selected managed Citrix ADC instances.

    To send ServiceNow notifications for Citrix ADC events from the managed instances, you must configure an event rule and assign the rule action as Send ServiceNow Notifications.

    Create an event rule on the ADM service by navigating to Infrastructure > Events > Rules. For more information, see Send ServiceNow notifications.

  • The SSL certificate and ADM license events: Citrix ADM can generate the ServiceNow incidents for the SSL certificate expiry and ADM license expiry events.

    To send ServiceNow notifications for an SSL certificate expiry, see The SSL certificate expiry.

    To send ServiceNow notifications for an ADM license expiry, see The Citrix ADM license expiry.

Integrate Citrix ADM with the ServiceNow instance