Citrix Files for Outlook Online

Citrix Files for Outlook Online allows you to bypass file size restrictions and add security to your attachments or emails by sending them through Citrix Files. You can provide a secure file upload request for co-workers, customers, and partners directly in your email.

Be notified whenever someone accesses a file or sends you a file so you are always aware of what is going and can take action. You can also set different security and access levels on a file-by-file basis for greater control.

Download Citrix Files for Outlook Online at Microsoft AppSource or through the Store icon in the Outlook Online ribbon.


Citrix recommends that users enable Alert Settings and periodically review Security Bulletins.

For information about new features, see What’s new.


Citrix Files for Outlook Online works with macOS and Microsoft Office for Mac.

System requirements

Microsoft account requirements

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • 2013 SP1
    • 2016

Outlook requirements

Citrix Content Collaboration requirements

  • A Citrix Content Collaboration Advanced, Premium, or Virtual Data Room plan.
  • User must be an Employee user on the account.

Browser requirements

  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Edge (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11

Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 2.0.3

There are no fixed issues in this release.

Known issues

Known issues in 2.0.3

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Citrix Files for Outlook Online