Citrix Content Collaboration

Citrix Content Collaboration is a cloud-based content collaboration platform that makes it easier for businesses to get work done on any device, at any time. We bring business-class file sharing, streamlined workflows, and real-time collaboration together in one location so that users can work the way they want.

As organizations become increasingly mobile, information-centric, and collaborative, the need for dependable and secure file sharing has become critical. The Citrix Content Collaboration platform enables IT to deliver a robust data sharing and sync service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements of the enterprise.

There are many ways to work using Citrix Content Collaboration, including a web-based interface, mobile clients, desktop apps, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. The most common ways to log in to Content Collaboration are through and Citrix Workspace.

ShareFile Enterprise provides enterprise-class service and includes storage zones controller and the User Management Tool.

Citrix Files

Citrix Files helps you exchange files easily, securely and professionally with secure data sharing and storage, customizable usage and settings, and tools that allow you to collaborate more easily and get your work done. Citrix Files gives users various access options, including Citrix Files mobile clients, such as Citrix Files for Android and Citrix Files for iOS. Citrix Files for Windows and Citrix Files for Mac are the client software used to securely interact with files in the Content Collaboration platform. Citrix Files for Outlook and Gmail lets you send links directly to your files from your email account.

For more information, see Citrix Files apps.


Storage zones controller

Managing your own data storage enables you to meet regulatory compliance requirements and to locate the storage close to users for optimized performance. Storage zones reside in your on-premises single-tenant storage system or in supported third-party cloud storage. Storage zones controller also provides users with secure access to Citrix Content Collaboration and network file shares through storage zone connectors. Connected file shares can include the same network home drives used in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments. Storage zone connectors provide secure mobile access to data residing behind your corporate firewall without the need to migrate data to the cloud.

Storage zone connectors enable ShareFile client users to browse, upload, or download documents. For documents stored in SharePoint, mobile users can download, check out, edit, and check in Microsoft Office documents and annotate Adobe PDF documents. The mobile content editor integrated with ShareFile provides mobile users with a secure, rich editing experience, even when working offline.

For more information, see About storage zones controller.

User Management Tool

The User Management Tool enables Citrix Content Collaboration administrators to provision employee user accounts and distribution groups by querying permissions from Active Directory (AD).

  • Enable provisioned users to sign in to Citrix Files using their AD credentials.
  • Store user account provisioning rules with your account information in the Citrix Cloud. You can install the tool on any machine and access your rules by logging in to your account.
  • Match Citrix Content Collaboration accounts to AD based on email address, links your existing employee accounts to AD, and updates employee account information in Citrix Content Collaboration.
  • Enable you to specify options including authentication method and default storage zone for each provisioning rule.
  • Enable you to use distribution groups to manage folders and easily share documents with a group.
  • Keep ShareFile/Citrix Content Collaboration in sync with AD changes based on the schedule you specify. You can create multiple, named synchronization jobs in the User Management Tool.
  • Support a proxy server connection between the User Management Tool and Citrix Content Collaboration.

For more information, see About User Management Tool.

Citrix RightSignature

Citrix delivers electronic signature capability using Citrix RightSignature. An electronic signature, sometimes known as an e-signature, is the same as your handwritten signature on a paper document, except electronic — a mark on an electronic contract or document you make to demonstrate your intent to agree to the terms of that document.

Integrating Citrix RightSignature with Citrix Content Collaboration provides the power to obtain legally binding signatures on documents entirely online, being completed more quickly and securely than executing paper documents.

Citrix delivers electronic signature capability at different levels:

For more information, see Citrix RightSignature.

Citrix Content Collaboration