Assigning folders and setting permissions

You can customize your new employee’s User Access and File settings. Depending on your account or plan and your own permissions, certain permissions might not be visible or applicable. User Access settings are typical access and feature-based permissions you can use to manage your employee’s access and abilities on the account.


You can assign folders to your user, and add the user to Distribution Groups. You can also customize the user’s permissions to various folders on your account. To grant a user access to a folder, choose the check box beside the folder name.


Folder limitations

Users with a large amount of folders or deeply nested folder structures might not be able to apply folder templates to subfolders in bulk or rename existing folders in bulk.

There might be a delay while Citrix Content Collaboration processes template changes across your account. If you are editing templates that have been associated with many folders on your account, allow the web app time to process these changes before navigating away from the folder template menu.

Use personal File Box

The File Box is a personal storage space where employees can store files for a limited period. This space is not generally a collaborative or shared space, although some users might be given access to see other employee’s File Boxes.


If you do choose to take away a user’s access to the File Box, they are not able to use any email plug-in tool or add files from their computer when creating a Share message or Link.