Citrix Gateway service

Citrix Gateway service provides secure remote access solution with a diverse Identity and Access Management (IdAM) capabilities, delivering a unified experience into SaaS apps, heterogeneous Virtual apps and Desktops, and so forth.

Moving on-premises resources to cloud has the following benefits.

  • Better and predictable financial planning
  • Elasticity with pay-as-you-grow model
  • High availability of service
  • Less operational overhead
  • Less time to add features and release to world

Citrix Cloud Services hosts a suite of services provided by Virtual Apps and Desktop service, Citrix Gateway service, ShareFile, and so forth. All these services are delivered in a single pane using Workspace experience.

Salient features of Citrix Gateway service

Some of the notable features of the Citrix Gateway service are as follows.

High Availability

Multi-Layered resiliency approach by the Citrix Gateway service provides resiliency at every level. Within a particular Citrix Gateway service Point of Presence (POP), the micro services and tenants that form the service are deployed in a highly available form. The components are deployed in the N+1 model. In this model, all components are load balanced and can do a quick failover with standby, if there is some failure. In rare cases, when all the services of a particular component within a POP are down, the Citrix Gateway service marks itself as down. This enables the DNS server to redirect users to the next nearest POP, providing a POP level high availability.

Multi-POP deployment of Citrix Gateway service

Multiple instances of Citrix Gateway service are deployed in multiple geographic locations across the globe to handle its entire customer base. All the instances are constantly in sync with each other to provide one reliable service. From anywhere in the world, the user is never too far away from a Citrix Gateway service POP.

Optimal Gateway Routing

Citrix Gateway service is deployed globally and there is a need for a mechanism to choose the nearest POP. Optimal Gateway routing or proximity routing a DNS based service is used to return end users with the closest POP location when they query for the Citrix Gateway IP address. This DNS service uses the source IP address of the query as one of the metadata to return the closest Citrix Gateway service POP IP address.

Solutions offered by Citrix Gateway service

Current offerings of the Citrix Gateway service are as follows.

  • HDX connectivity for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops users – a globally available service providing secure connectivity from users in any location to virtual apps and desktops.
  • Secure access to SaaS applications – a unified user experience bringing configured SaaS applications to end-users.
  • Secure access to Enterprise web apps - a unified user experience for the configured Enterprise web apps. Access Enterprise web applications hosted within your corporate network from anywhere using Citrix Workspace.
  • Secure access to mobile apps in a digital workspace – a modern approach to managing all your devices through a single platform, Citrix Endpoint Management. Supported platforms include desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and IoT.
Citrix Gateway service