Geo location routing - Preview

Citrix Gateway Service provides a capability to the admins to enable their users to connect to a specific region (POPs). Doing so ensures that the user traffic is directed to the specific region irrespective of the user’s location.


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The following table lists the regions and the POPs in that region that support geo location-based traffic routing:

Geo location POPs
United States - East Azure-US-East, AWS US East, AWS-US-North-Central
United States - Central and West Azure-US-West, AWS-US-West, Azure-US-South-Central
United States Azure-US-South-Central, Azure-US-East, Azure-US-West, AWS-US-East, AWS-US-West, AWS-US-North-Central
United States - Azure only Azure-US-East, Azure-US-West, Azure-US-South-Central
Europe AWS-Europe-Central, Azure-Europe-West, Azure-Europe-North
Australia Azure-Australia-East, AWS-Australia-East
Global - Azure only Azure-US-East, Azure-US-West, Azure-US-South-Central, Azure-Brazil-South, Azure-Europe-West, Azure-Europe-North, Azure-Australia-East, Azure-Asia-South-East, Azure-Japan-East, Azure-India-South, Azure-UAE-North, Azure-South-Africa, Azure-Hong Kong

How to configure

You can configure a specific region for the user traffic from the Resource locations or Workspace Configuration page on Citrix Cloud.

  1. Sign in to Citrix Cloud.
  2. Click the hamburger menu and select Resource Locations or Workspace Configuration.
    1. On the Resource Locations page, select a location and click Gateway. The Configure Connectivity screen appears.
    2. In the Workspace Configuration page, in External Connectivity, select a location and click the ellipsis. The Configure Connectivity screen appears.

      Gateway service connectivity

  3. In Gateway Service Region (Optional), select the region to which you want to route your customer traffic.


    If you do not select any region, then Global is selected, by default. When the region is Global, the traffic is diverted to the POP that is in the closest proximity to the customer.

    In rare scenarios, if there is an outage, and all the POPs of a specific region are not available, then the configuration falls back to Global instead of blocking the traffic.

  4. Click Save.
Geo location routing - Preview