Citrix Ready workspace hub

The Citrix Ready workspace hub combines digital and physical environments to deliver apps and data within a secure smart space. The complete system connects devices (or things), like mobile apps and sensors, to create an intelligent and responsive environment.

Citrix Ready workspace hub is built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform and becomes a robust service delivered through Citrix Cloud. Citrix Ready workspace hub users can authenticate their mobile device through Citrix Workspace app to run published apps or desktops. For example, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Content Collaboration, and Microsoft Outlook. The mobile device then connects to the Citrix Ready workspace hub and casts the desktop or app on a larger display.

Citrix Ready workspace hub enables Citrix Casting, which offers three use cases that improve user productivity and collaboration.

  • Session roaming – A Citrix session roams from the mobile device to the workspace hub.
  • Session casting – Users redirect the display of a remote session from their client device to an unoccupied hub.
  • Screen casting – Users mirror their desktop display to the hub without launching a remote session.

Citrix Casting uses beacon detection or a QR code scanner for connecting. With beacon detection, if multiple Citrix Ready workspace hubs are available, the user must select the appropriate hub. Alternatively, a QR code scanner provides security to mitigate unintentional casting to the wrong display.

Also, administrators can set up their environment with multiple display monitors by using a secondary display adapter (SDA). Doing so enables end users to extend the desktop or app in both use cases.

Support information

Support for the Citrix Ready workspace hub device is available through the approved vendors from whom you purchased the device. Those vendors are NComputing, Atrust, and ViewSonic.

Citrix Ready workspace hub