SD-WAN Orchestrator API guide

To access the SD-WAN Orchestrator API Guide on Swagger UI, you need to authenticate yourself using an API key. The following procedure provides instructions on generating an API key and using it for authentication.

  1. Log into your Citrix Cloud account and navigate to Identity and Access management > API Access.

    Note If you are a partner executing APIs on behalf of your customer, log into the customer’s Citrix Cloud account using the Change Customer option or obtain the authentication and relevant API parameters from the customer.

    Identity and access management

    Create secure client

  2. Provide a name for your secure client and click Create Client. An ID and secret key is generated. Use the ID and secret to authenticate yourself when using APIs to manage your network.

    Note Download the ID and the Secret and store it securely. You cannot access secret after closing the window.

    ID and Secret

    Note For security reasons, it is advised to delete the API Key entries from Citrix Cloud when you are done using the APIs.

    ID and Secret

  3. Log in to SD-WAN Orchestrator and click the API icon at the top-right corner of the UI.

    API icon

    The Swagger spec details are displayed.

    API icon

  4. Click the Swagger spec URL to access the API guide.

  5. In the API page, navigate to auth-controller > /{ccId}/api/v1/logon > Try it out.

    Auth controller

  6. From the SD-WAN Orchestrator Swagger Spec Details, copy the Citrix Cloud ID and paste it in the textbox under Citrix Cloud user ID.

  7. Similarly, copy and paste the Client ID, Client secret and Citrix Cloud ID in the respective payload fields and click Execute.

    API payload

  8. Copy the token value from the Server response.

    Server response

  9. Click Authorize on the top of the API page and paste the token value in the Value field. Click Authorize.


    API key

This completes the authorization process and you should now be able to access and use SD-WAN Orchestrator APIs.

SD-WAN Orchestrator API guide