Apps & Groups

This section enables users to custom define applications, and also group applications for use in policies.

You can define an Application Group for both predefined and custom applications. An Application Group contains applications that need similar treatment when defining a security policy.

You can reuse the Application Groups frequently when defining policies such as for application steering or firewall rules rather than creating multiple entries for each individual application. Similarly, while using any application services, Application Groups supports common applications with a unique name for simplified and consistent reuse.

To view Apps & Groups, navigate to Configuration > Apps & Groups.

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Custom application

The Custom Applications are used to create internal applications or IP-port combinations which are not available in the list of published applications. The administrator needs to define a custom application that can be used in multiple policies as needed, without referring the IP address and port number details each time. You can create Custom Application and Application Groups under Apps & Groups.

The administrator can define a custom application by giving a name to:

  • certain combinations of application (such as HTTP, SMB)
  • protocol (such as TCP, UDP, ICMP)
  • server IP
  • port
  • DSCP tag

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To create a customer application, select the Add Customer Application option. Enter a unique Custom App Name and fill all the required Match Criteria and select Done.

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Once saved, the custom applications show up in a list and can be edited or deleted, as required.

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Application groups

An Application Group helps administrators group similar applications together for use in common policies, without necessarily having to create a policy for each individual application.

You can create an Application Group by using the Add Application Groups option. You can refer the same Application Group while creating a policy as per the application role. The policy that is defined for the particular group is applied to each application that matches to the specific category.

For example, you can create an Application Group as Social Networking and add social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to the group to define certain policies for social networking applications.

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To create an Application Group, you need to add a group name. Search and add apps from the Applications drop down menu and finally click Save to create an Application Group.

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You can always go back and edit your settings or delete Application Group as needed.

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