Known issues

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator has the following known issues:

SDW-9903: When moving a branch from one region to another, the dynamic routes already learned in the network are not purged. This might lead to some overlay routing issues.

SDW-10283: When software upgrade to version is done from an appliance which has Virtual WAN service disabled and is relying on only the LTE link for internet connectivity, the activation of the appliance does not complete and the appliance goes offline.

  • Workaround: Enable Virtual WAN service after the software upgrade is completed, which can be confirmed by checking the appliance UI.

SDW-10350: In some rare scenarios, some of the appliances do not proceed to activation.

  • Workaround: Staging and activation can be retried to activate the appliance after 20 minutes for software upgrade or 5 minutes for the configuration update.

SDW-11224: While performing the software upgrade on networks with the Cloud Direct enabled sites, the activation status for such sites gets stuck in progress even after completion.

  • Workaround: Perform the configuration upgrade after the software upgrade. This can be done either using the same configuration or the modified configuration.

SDW-11355: For the existing Standard Edition (SE) devices, the Inspect action can be selected in firewall policies. Also, the Advanced Edition (AE) to SE conversion will not throw an error when there are existing firewall policies with Inspect action enabled. In both of these scenarios, no errors occur during the staging and activation.

SDW-11941: Advanced firewall functionalities don’t work in one of the following scenarios. Also, no audit error is seen while performing the following scenarios:

  • Downgrade of 1100-AE from 11.2.0 to lower builds which do not support advanced firewall functionalities
  • Conversion of 1100-AE to 1100-SE on 11.2.0

SDW-12414: If an appliance fails staging or activation, the Orchestrator keeps trying to auto-correct the appliance and bring it in sync with the network in a loop. The loop continues until a new stage is issued from the UI.

Known issues