Multicast group

Multicast groups can be configured to support low bandwidth multicast traffic in simplified networks. You can define multicast groups such that the network administrator can control the source and destination of multicast traffic. You can configure different multicast group IP Address and set the source and destination virtual interfaces to appropriately pass-through multicast traffic.

To configure Multicast Groups, in the Site configuration page, navigate to Configuration > Advanced Settings > select Multicast Groups tab > click +Multicast Group.

Multicast group

  • Group Name: The multicast group name.

  • Group IP: A valid class D multicast IP address or subnet.

  • Routing Domain: In multiple routing domains, select a valid routing domain, which receives multicast traffic.

  • Enable IGMP Proxy: Enable the multicast group to act as an IGMP Proxy between Services.

  • Service Type: The type of service on which multicast traffic is sent or received.

  • Service Instance: The service instance of the selected type on which multicast traffic is sent or received.

  • Direction: Define if you want to send or receive multicast traffic on this service.

  • Upstream: Enable the service to communicate with an upstream.

Multicast group