Route Filtering

How to Configure Route Import and Export Filters

  1. In the Configuration Editor, navigate to Connections > View Regions > View Site > [Site Name] > Route Learning Properties.
  2. Expand Import Filters and Export Filters to view the existing route filters. Import Filters are separate and distinct from Export Filters. You can configure up to 32 Export Filters.


    If there is only one Routing Domain configured, the Routing Domain column does not appear.

    localized image

    localized image

  3. Navigate to Import Filters or Export Filters under the BGP or OSPF section.

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Use the following criteria to construct each Export Filter that you want to create.

Field Criteria Description Value(s)
Order The Order in which filters are prioritized. The first filter that a route matches are applied to that route 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600
Routing Domain To match routes from a specific routing domain, choose one of the configured Routing Domains from the drop-down menu Any, Def_RD default
Network Address Enter the IP Address and Netmask of configured Network Object that describes the route’s network - IP address
Prefix To match routes by prefix, choose a match predicate from the drop-down menu and enter a Route prefix in the adjacent field - eq: Equal to, - lt: Less than, - le: Less than or equal to, - gt: Greater than, - ge: Greater than or equal to
Citrix SD-WAN Cost The method (predicate) and the SD-WAN Route Cost that are used to narrow the selection of routes exported Numeric value
Service Type Select the Service types that are assigned to matching routes from a list of the existing, supported Citrix SD-WAN Services Any, Local, Virtual Path, Internet, Intranet, LAN GRE Tunnel, LAN IPsec Tunnel
Site/Service Name For Intranet, LAN GRE Tunnel, and LAN IPsec Tunnel, specify the name of the configured Service Type to use Text string
Gateway IP Address If you choose LAN GRE Tunnel as the Service Type, enter the Gateway IP for the tunnel IP address
Include Click the checkbox to Include routes that match this filter. Otherwise matching routes are ignored None
Enabled Click the checkbox to Enable this filter. Otherwise the filter is ignored None
Clone Click the Clone icon to make copy of an existing Filter None