Route Summarization

With the increase in the size of the enterprise networks, the routers need to maintain large number of routes in their routing table. The routers require increased CPU, memory and bandwidth resources to look up the large routing tables, and maintain individual routes. You can configure a summary route with Local and Discard service types. This summary route is advertised to the next-hop devices.

To configure a summary route for a local subnet:

  1. In the Configuration Editor, navigate to Connections > Routes and click the + to add a route.

  2. On the Add route page, set the following parameters and then click Add.

  • Network IP Address: The calculated summary route IP address.
  • Cost: A weight to determine the route priority for this route. Lower-cost routes take precedence over higher-cost routes. The range is 1–65534.
  • Routing Domain: Routing protocols providing single point of administration to manage a corporate network, or a branch office network, or a data center network.
  • Service Type: Select Local service type.


You can select only Local and Discard service types for summary routes.

  • Gateway IP Address: Gateway IP address for this route.
  • Export Route: Exports the route to other connected sites.
  • Summary Route: Advertises the route as a single summary route to the other connected devices, instead of all the other matching subnets. localized image

Route Summarization