IPSec monitoring and logging

To monitor ipsec tunnel statistics:

  1. Navigate to Monitor > Statistics. Choose IPsec Tunnel from the Show drop-down menu as shown below:

    localized image

  2. Navigate to Monitor > IKE/IPsec. Observe the configured IPsec tunnels, the IKE and IPsec service associations between two or mode VPN endpoints configured within the SD-WAN network.

How to monitor ipec logs

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > Logging/Monitoring. Select Filename from the drop-down menu and click View Log. You can view the following log details for the IPsec tunnel:

    • Creation and Deletion of IPsec tunnel

    • IPsec tunnel status change

    localized image

    localized image

How to view ipsec tunnel alerts

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > Logging/Monitoring > Alert Options.

  2. Create Email and Syslog alerts for IPsec tunnel state reporting.

    • Supports IPSEC_TUNNEL as one of the Event types which allows you to configure Email and Syslog Severity Filters.

    localized image

How to monitor ipsec tunnel events

  1. Navigate to Configuration > System Maintenance > Diagnostics > Events.

  2. Add events based on the “IPSEC_TUNNEL” object type. Create filters for all IPsec related events.

    localized image