A role defines the permissions to view and perform various activities on the Citrix Secure Internet Access (CSIA) service.

Currently, there is only one administrator role available, the Customer-Master-Admin role.

The Customer-Master-Admin role can perform the following actions:

  • Access and manage all features of the Citrix Secure Internet Access service
  • Add administrators to the service
  • Delete an administrator from the service

View administrator details

To view details of the administrators, on the Citrix Secure Internet Access service, navigate to Administration > Administrators.

You can view the email addresses of all the administrators and their role.

Administrator details

Add new administrators

You can add multiple administrators to Citrix Secure Internet Access using the Identity and Access Management feature of Citrix Cloud. These new administrators can use their existing Citrix account credentials or set up a new account if needed.

Any new administrator you add is automatically assigned the Customer-Master-Admin role for Citrix Secure Internet Access.

To add new administrators, on the Citrix Cloud home page, select Identity and Access Management from the menu and follow the prompts on the user interface. For more information, see Manage Citrix Cloud administrators.

Add admins

Delete an administrator

To delete an administrator from Citrix Secure Internet Access, navigate to Administration > Administrators. Select the delete button against the account you want to delete, and then click Save.

Delete administrators