Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

User personalization policy settings

To enable mounting of user layers within the Virtual Delivery Agents, use configuration parameters to specify:

  • Where on the network to access the user layers.
  • How large any new user layer disks can grow.

To do so, these two policies appear in the list of available policies:

  • User Layer Repository Path - Enter a path in the format ‘\server name or address\folder name’ in the Value field.
  • User Layer Size GB - Change the default value of 0 to the maximum size (in GB) that the user layer can grow. If you keep the default value, the maximum user layer size is 10 GB.


Changing the User Layer Size in the policy does not change the size of existing layers.

Default layer size is 0.

For more information, see User personalization layer.

User personalization policy settings

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