Record sessions

You can record ICA sessions using the Session Recording controls from the User Details and Machine Details screen in Director. This feature is available for customers on Premium sites.

To configure Session Recording on Director using the DirectorConfig tool, see the Configure Director to use the Session Recording Server section in Configure session recording policies. The Session Recording controls are available in Director only if the logged in user has the permission to modify the Session Recording policies. This permission can be set on the Session Recording Authorization console as described in Authorize users.

Note: Changes made to the Session Recording settings through Director or the Session Recording Policy console take effect starting from the subsequent ICA session.

Session Recording controls in Director

You can enable Session Recording for a specific user on the Activity Manager or the User Details screen. Subsequent sessions are recorded for the specific user on all supported servers.

You can:

  • Turn ON (with notification) - the user is notified about the session being recorded on logging on to the ICA session.
  • Turn ON (without notification) - the session is recorded silently without notifying the user.
  • Turn OFF - disable recording of sessions for the user.

The Policies Panel displays the name of the active Session Recording policy.

User details - Session recording

You can enable Session Recording for a specific machine from the Machine Details page. Subsequent sessions on the machine are recorded. The Machine Details panel displays the status of the Session Recording policy for the machine.

Machine details - Session recording

Record sessions