Citrix Workspace app 2106.5 for Chrome OS - Tech Preview

What’s new

Microsoft Teams support

With this release, you can use the following features of Microsoft Teams for virtual desktop and virtual app sessions:

  • Optimized audio calls

  • Optimized video calls

  • Optimized screen sharing

It is supported only on VDA versions 1906 and later.


  • Screen sharing currently allows sharing of the entire screen, including areas outside of Citrix Workspace app. To avoid unintended data exposure, this feature is disabled by default but can be enabled through the Google admin policy. For more information, see Microsoft Teams optimization settings.
  • To troubleshoot, and to change Microsoft Teams to optimized from unoptimized within your client session, see Troubleshooting for Microsoft Teams optimization.
  • During screen sharing using Microsoft Teams optimization, the red border around the shared window does not appear.
  • Video calls are supported only on the primary monitor. If you try to move your Microsoft Teams call to a different monitor in your virtual desktop session, only audio calls are supported. You might not be able to see participant videos nor your own.
  • App sharing is currently not supported.

Fixed issues

  • Sessions do not support multi-monitor mode if you set the display resolution to any mode other than DPR (Device Pixel Ratio) and auto-fit. [RFHTMCRM-5116]
  • Attempts to launch Microsoft Teams optimized sessions on a Chromebook with 32-bit operating system might fail. [RFHTMCRM-5206]
  • Applications launched inside the virtual desktop on a Chromebook might display visual artifacts. [CVADHELP-17805]

Known issues

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 might not work in optimized Microsoft Teams within a virtual desktop. As a workaround, open the On-Screen Keyboard and use the shortcut. [RFHTMCRM-5441]

Citrix Workspace app 2106.5 for Chrome OS - Tech Preview