Citrix Workspace app for Chrome 2006 - Tech Preview

What’s new

Language support

Citrix Workspace app for Chrome is now available in the Italian language.

Support for setting multi-touch as the default mode

Citrix Workspace app for Chrome now allows you to set Multi-touch as the default mode through the Google Admin Console. Multi-touch mode controls whether to enable multi-touch gestures. You can toggle between Panning mode and Multi-touch mode. In earlier versions, panning mode was set as the default mode.

When you launch a session in a touch-enabled device, the gestures by default are handled in panning mode. You can switch to multi-touch mode using the toolbar. This feature provides a better user experience.

To set the feature as the default, edit the Google Admin Console policy and set the value of defaultMode to multitouch.

    "settings": {
        "Value": {
            "settings_version": "1.0",
                        "engine_settings": {
                            "ui": {
                                "touch" : {
                                    "defaultMode" : "multitouch"

Support for Touch

Citrix Workspace app for Chrome now enhances touch support by allowing you to run sessions on touch-enabled Chrome devices in tablet mode. This feature includes support for gestures, multi-touch, and soft keyboard functionality.

The Open keyboard icon now appears on the session toolbar when a Chrome device is in tablet mode. When you use this feature or perform a three-finger tap, the soft keyboard appears.

Automatic Keyboard display

You can enable automatic keyboard display on a server by using the floating keyboard button that appears in an input field. For the automatic keyboard display feature to be available, verify that the server-side setting is enabled.

To enable the server-side setting, complete these steps:

  1. On the Delivery Controller, open Citrix Studio.
  2. Select Policies.
  3. Click Create Policy.
  4. Search for Automatic Keyboard Display and select Allowed.

Fixed issues in 2006

  • The soft keyboard might appear at every tap even in the non-editable area. The issue occurs when a Chromebook is in tablet mode.

    With this fix, the SoftKeyboard API detects whether a Chromebook is in tablet mode and prevents the soft keyboard from appearing in the non-editable area. [RFHTMCRM-3402]

  • When you establish an audio call in a session launched from Citrix Workspace app for Chrome, the audio might stop working unless you relaunch the session. [RFHTMCRM-3413]

  • If you attempt to copy and paste content that contains more than 10,000 words, a session might become unresponsive. [RFHTMCRM-3450]

Known issues in 2006

  • The automatic keyboard display feature might not work in the editable area when a Chrome device is in tablet mode. The issue occurs with XenApp and XenDesktop 1912 and later.

    As a workaround, navigate to Toolbar > Open keyboard or perform a three-finger tap to display the soft keyboard automatically. [RFHTMCRM-3487]

Citrix Workspace app for Chrome 2006 - Tech Preview