About Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows


This documentation reflects features and configurations in Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows. Version 1912 is the first Long Term Service Release (LTSR) of Citrix Workspace app for Windows.

The documentation for the Current Release (CR) version of Citrix Workspace app for Windows is available at Citrix Workspace app for Windows.

For more information about the lifecycles of CRs and LTSRs, see Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Workspace app.

Cumulative Update 7 (CU7) is the most recent update to the 1912 LTSR. If you are new to the LTSR program, there is no need for you to install the 1912 LTSR initial release. Instead, we recommend that you begin right with 1912 LTSR CU7.


Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR CU7 for Windows

Citrix product name and number changes

For information about product name and version number changes that were introduced in 2018, see New names and numbers.

Baseline components

1912 LTSR baseline component Version
XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR with or without CUs, up to and including CU8 7.6
XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR with or without CUs, up to and including CU5 7.15
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 LTSR 1912
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Current Release 1912
RTME 2.9

Compatible components

The following components - at the versions given below - are compatible with LTSR environments. They are not eligible for the LTSR benefits (extended lifecycle and fix-only cumulative updates). Citrix might ask you to upgrade to a newer version of these components within your 1912 LTSR environments.

Compatible components and features Version
Citrix Endpoint Management Service  
Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service)  
Citrix Managed Desktops  

Notable exclusions

The following features, components, and platforms are not eligible for 1912 LTSR lifecycle milestones and benefits. Specifically, cumulative updates and extended lifecycle benefits are excluded. Updates to excluded features and components will be available through regular current releases.

Excluded components and features
Browser Content Redirection
Citrix Embedded Browser

Notes to administrators before installing Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows

  • Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows requires .NET Framework Version 4.6.2 or later. If you are an administrator trying to install or update Citrix Workspace app, and the required version of the .NET Framework is not present on your system, the Citrix Workspace app installer downloads and installs it. However, we recommend that you install the required .NET Framework manually before installing or updating Citrix Workspace app.
  • If you are attempting an unattended install, see Knowledge Center article CTX257546.
  • To know the latest information about supported and unsupported cipher suites, see Knowledge Center article CTX250104.


You can upgrade to Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows from Version 4.9 or later. You can upgrade either using the Citrix Workspace Updates or from the Citrix Downloads page.


The announcements in this article are intended to give you advanced notice of platforms, Citrix products, and features that are being phased out so that you can make timely business decisions. Citrix monitors customer use and feedback to determine when they are withdrawn. Announcements can change in subsequent releases and might not include every deprecated feature or functionality.

Deprecated items are not removed immediately. Citrix continues to support them in this release but they will be removed in the future.

Item Deprecation announced in Removed in Alternative
MSI Install Support 1912 1912 Use the other supported installation methods as given in the Install and Uninstall section.
Flash Redirection 1912 1912 Create video content as HTML5 Video. Use HTML5 Video Redirection for managed content, and Browser Content Redirection for public web sites.
Support for Windows 7 1912   Use the supported operating system as given in the System Requirements section. NOTE: Windows 7 is supported on Version 1912.
/rcu installer switch 1909 - Use the newly introduced switch /forceinstall for the same functionality.
About Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows