Fixed issues

Citrix Workspace app 2203.1 LTSR CU1 for Windows

Compared to: Citrix Workspace app 2203.1 LTSR

Content Redirection

  • When Desktop Viewer is set to full-screen mode and the default browser is maximized on the endpoint device, the Bidirectional Content Redirection feature might not bring the local default web browser window to the foreground. The issue occurs with local default web browsers other than Internet Explorer. [CVADHELP-19041]

HDX RealTime

  • During a peer-to-peer call with Microsoft Teams HDX optimization, app window sharing might fail to stop after a high number of start/stop sharing repetitions, and you might not be able to share desktop screen or app window, call or receive an incoming call until you restart Citrix Workspace app. [CVADHELP-20162]

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

  • Citrix Workspace Updater service might fail to start resulting in installation failure. This issue occurs when the client is not connected to the internet. [CVADHELP-19613]


  • After launching an HDX session, when you change the foreground window to a local application window, system keys such as Windows and Alt-Tab might be handled by the Citrix session instead of the local PC desktop, though the Citrix session is running in the background. [CVADHELP-19778]


  • After you successfully log on using Citrix Workspace app, an incorrect sign-in prompt with this message might appear:

    You must sign in to access Citrix Workspace.


Seamless Windows

  • When you plug in or unplug a monitor, the seamless window might be positioned incorrectly. [CVADHELP-19168]


  • RDP sessions might fail to launch on Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR CU6 for Windows when smart card redirection through RDP is enabled. [CVADHELP-19430]

  • When you access a VDA for the first-time using Citrix Workspace app for Windows version 2112 or later, the following security message might appear:

    An Online Application is attempting to access information on a device attached to your computer HDX File Access.

    In previous versions, this message was present only during the first access to each published resource in a Delivery Group and not every VDA.


  • Attempts to launch applications or desktops from a tablet using Citrix Workspace app might fail. The issue occurs when the client IP address cannot be retrieved. [CVADHELP-19703]

  • Configuring stores with geo DNS URL via Group Policy Object or command line might fail if you have set AllowAddStore=N during the Citrix Workspace app installation. [CVADHELP-19853]

  • When using Citrix Workspace app 2204.1 or later, the session might disconnect. This issue occurs if there is a restriction to run unsigned binaries, for example, wfica.ocx. [CVADHELP-20053]

System Exceptions

  • Dragging and dropping a window in an HDX session might be slow and might cause the wfica32.exe process to exit unexpectedly. [CVADHELP-19482]

  • The Applocker rule in Group Policy Object blocks the integration of the Citrix Gateway plug-in with Citrix Workspace. As a result, several temporary files of the format VPNXXXX.tmp are created in the temp folder. The files are created even when the registry key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Secure Access Client has DisableIconHide value. [CVADHELP-19709]

  • This fix addresses a rare memory leak issue in the wfica32.exe process that occurs with Citrix Workspace app for Windows. [CVADHELP-19904]

  • Microsoft Office applications might exit unexpectedly when the Software protection service fails to start due to faulty app protection components. [CVADHELP-20667]

User Experience

  • Dragging and dropping files from the user device to a published application might work the first time it is attempted. Subsequent attempts fail and the application does not respond. [CVADHELP-17211]

  • If you drag and drop a window in an HDX session, it takes time for the window to recover and the taskbar icon to appear. [CVADHELP-19440]

  • The drag and drop feature might not work when you close a dialog box using the Esc key in a seamless session. [CVADHELP-19604]

  • When you update the Citrix Workspace app from version 2006 or earlier, the gateway and beacon configurations of the existing stores might get deleted and the same configurations are added again even when the store configurations are not changed in the Group Policy Object. [CVADHELP-19839]

  • Accessing a web store URL from Citrix Workspace app for Windows can cause the workspace window to appear in the foreground instead of the background after each refresh interval. [CVADHELP-19885]

  • Citrix Workspace app might continue to send data to even after Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is disabled. [CVADHELP-20016]

User Interface

  • On Citrix Workspace app for Windows, when you add store URLs using Group Policy Object, the following error message might appear:

    Cannot connect to server.

    This issue occurs if one of the stores is disabled and is not reachable.


  • With this fix, a sign-in page appears when you log off from Citrix Workspace app for Windows. To enable the fix, set the following registry key:

    • On 32-bit systems:


      Name: ShowSignInPageOnLogOff

      Type: REG_SZ

      Value: True

    • On 64-bit systems:


      Name: ShowSignInPageOnLogOff

      Type: REG_SZ

      Value: True


  • Battery status notification and automatic keyboard pop-up dialog might not appear during the session when Automatic keyboard display policy is enabled on the DDC. [CVADHELP-19987]

  • When you start Citrix Workspace app for the first time after adding the store URL, the following error message appears:

    Your Citrix Workspace app encountered an error while initializing Microsoft Edge WebView2. Restart your app.

    This issue occurs when you add the store URL through GPO or command line and includes ‘/’ after discovery, for example,;On;Store.


  • The Desktop Viewer toolbar might not be visible when you open the virtual desktop from custom portal stores. [CVADHELP-20253]

Citrix Workspace app 2203.1 LTSR for Windows


  • Citrix ADC appliance might crash when certain conditions are triggered from Citrix Workspace app for Windows. [HDX-39496]

  • When you try to redirect to the preferred webcam as set in the Citrix Workspace app for Windows, the setting might not be executed as configured.

    With this fix, the preferred webcam will be the only available webcam in the user session. This provides better control when multiple webcams are available in the user session.


  • With this fix, you can set TWITaskbarGroupingMode to GroupNone under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE root registry tree, instead of setting it under both HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The TWITaskbarGroupingMode key is available under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\Seamless Windows. [CVADHELP-19106]

  • Attempts to add Citrix Gateway URL might fail intermittently with the following error message:

    Authentication Service cannot be contacted.


Fixed issues