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DesktopPlayer for Windows

Nov 28, 2017

DesktopPlayer for Windows extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile users, enabling you to work on your Windows business apps in virtual machines (VMs) whether you are online, offline, or on an intermittent network connection. DesktopPlayer end users gain freedom while IT Administrators gain control and centrally managed Windows VMs deployed to corporate and BYO devices. DesktopPlayer for Windows is a distributed solution that makes managing Windows VMs on thousands of laptops as easy as managing one. 

DesktopPlayer for Windows combines centralized VM management with distributed execution of managed Windows VMs on a client endpoint. DesktopPlayer offers IT professionals and Windows end users with a single, unified product that extends the benefits and convenience of local desktop virtualization with the efficiency and control of central, policy-driven management – providing the best of both worlds.


For more information about the DesktopPlayer management component, see the Synchronizer page.

DesktopPlayer 2.6 for Windows

DesktopPlayer 2.5 for Windows

DesktopPlayer 2.4 for Windows

DesktopPlayer 2.3 for Windows

DesktopPlayer 2.2 for Windows

DesktopPlayer 2.1.7 for Windows