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What’s new

Enhanced Quality-of-Experience reporting

The Quality of Experience reports now specifies the RealTime Optimization Pack mode (optimized or non-optimized).The endpoint operating system entry is added with a prefix, which specifies the optimized versus non-optimized state of the call.

  • Optimized – HDXRTME: <OSversion>

Example in a report: HDXRTME: Windows 10 Pro,Windows 10 Pro,No Service Pack WOW64

  • Unoptimized – HDXRTC: <OSversion>

Example in a report: HDXRTC: Windows 7 Enterprise,Windows 7,SP1 WOW64

Hardware acceleration for video (H.264) processing on Linux

H.264 hardware encoding and *decoding on Linux supporting AMD Video Coding Engine (VCE).

* The Hardware decoding on Linux is disabled by default. The current AMD driver OMX decoder in Linux, decodes video streams with high latency (up to 500 ms). You can enable the hardware decoding using the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\HDXRTConnector\MediaEngine\ Name: DisableLinuxAMDH264HardwareDecoding Type: DWORD Data: 0 – enabled 1 or no value – disabled

Collect Logs captures AudioTranscoder folder logs

When you select the Collect Logs icon in the notification area, the RealTime Optimization Pack includes the AudioTranscoder folder in the log collection process. This information helps to analyze audio and sound related issues.

Enhanced call statistics

  • Extended the current Citrix_HDXRTConnector WMI class with new attributes to detect and verify video processing parameters for Windows endpoints.
    • Endpoint Video hardware acceleration capability object to the WMI Citrix_HDXRTConnector class.
    • Endpoint macroblock calculation to the WMI Citrix_HDXRTConnector class.
    • Endpoint GPU information to the WMI Citrix_HDXRTConnector class.
    • Camera UVC capabilities (UVC 1.1 or 1.5) to the WMI Citrix_HDXRTConnector_device class.
    • GPU Encoding/Decoding: Added GPU used (AMD and Intel).
  • Extended current Citrix_HDXRTConnector WMI class with new attributes to add Call Status hold, resume, active, mute, and unmute.
    • Hold and resume are actions related to call.
    • Mute and unmute are actions for only audio stream.