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Aug 14, 2017

What's new in 2.3

  • Improved video quality. For information about factors that impact video quality, see
    • Implemented simulcast video transmission (multiple concurrent video streams) to improve video quality on conference calls and Skype Meetings. Each XenApp or XenDesktop user sees a single video stream because Gallery View is not available when the Skype for Business client is virtualized (see Simulcast allows endpoints to send more than one video stream at a time, if more than one resolution is requested for incoming Video Source Requests. There are many factors that determine how many streams and their resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. These factors include the endpoint capabilities, bandwidth availability, and decoding/encoding capabilities.
    • Supports the H.264 unified communications (UC) codec as the default for all calls. Also enables video forward error correction (FEC) to provide superior video quality on network connections that experience packet loss (for example, Wi-Fi).
  • Optimizing bandwidth usage. RealTime Media Engine requests video resolution based on the size of the video window on the user screen. Transmitted resolutions are lower because endpoints aren't subscribing to video resolution higher than they can display. If other participants in the conference maximize their windows, the endpoint starts sending at a higher resolution, up to its limit. This update minimizes average network and CPU load without sacrificing quality.
  • Enhanced call statistics. Added the Citrix_HDXRTConnector_Simulcast_Stream class to WMI and updated call statistics to include simulcast video statistics. These statistics include codec, resolution, frames per second, and bitrate for all streams being sent. Also, the statistics show how many viewers are receiving each of the streams. During the time active speakers change and participants join or leave the meeting, the statistics update to reflect the changes in the streams sent.
localized image
  • Quality of Experience statistics. Added additional network connectivity parameters in Quality of Experience reports. We report the simulcast information in the outbound stream statistics:
    • Codecs/Codec Types: list all codecs used in all streams
    • Resolution: highest resolution being sent across all streams
    • FPS: highest frame rate being sent across all stream
    • Bitrate: sum of all streams
  • Call admission control. Extended support for call admission control to include configurations without an Edge Server.  
  • Citrix Receiver auto-update feature. RealTime Media Engine is compatible with the Citrix Receiver for Windows minimum version 4.8 and Citrix Receiver for Mac minimum version 12.6 auto-update feature.