Where to find license management documentation

Sometimes, there might be more than one way to manage your licenses. This article links to our various license management articles.

License Administration Console

License Server administration without a console

  • Customer Success Services
  • Delete license files
  • Disable the domain name truncation

Manage Licenses in My Account on citrix.com

  • Allocate licenses
  • Modify licenses
  • Download licenses
  • Hide and unhide licenses
  • Return licenses
  • Upgrade license edition
  • Manage multiple licenses
  • Install licenses
  • Search for licenses
  • Filter licenses
  • Create product license report

Licensing commands

  • lmadmin
  • lmdiag
  • lmdown
  • lmhostid
  • lmreread
  • lmstat
  • lmutil
  • lmver
  • udadmin
Where to find license management documentation