License Administration Console

The License Administration Console lets you manage and monitor your Citrix licenses through a web browser.

Use the Dashboard to:

  • Monitor licenses, license activity, and alerts

Use the Administration area to:

  • Administer licenses
  • Configure alerts
  • Import licenses
  • Log license management activities
  • Secure the console server
  • View system information


The Licensing Administration Console no longer supports user configuration. User Configuration has been moved to the Citrix Licensing Manager \ > Settings > Accounts. For more information, see Settings.

What types of accounts are added at installation

A default administrator account is created during the installation of the License Administration Console. Use the administrator account to first log on to the console and then configure more users.

During the installation of the License Administration Console, accounts are added based on the machine membership. For workgroup machine installations, computer\InstallUser and BUILTIN\Administrators are added. For Active Directory installations, domain\InstallUser** and BUILTIN\Administrators are added. You can remove any of these accounts after installation, but ensure that there is at least one administrator.

Toggle between the Dashboard and Administration views from links in the top right area of the console. Access to the Administration area requires administration privileges and is password-protected.

Open the console on a Windows computer

To open the License Administration Console on the computer on which it is installed:

From the Start menu, choose All Programs > Citrix > License Administration Console.

Open the console on a remote server or cluster

Navigate your browser to one of the following URL options:

  • https://License Server name:Web service port
  • https://Client access point name:Web service port
  • https://IP:Web service port


  • License Server name is the name of your License Server
  • Client access point name is the name given to the client access point during the cluster configuration
  • IP is the IP address of the License Server
  • Web service port is the port number for the console web service

The default web service port for the console is 8082.

Update the License Administration Console UI

If you added license files with the console, you must update the console UI after removing those files.

  1. Start the console and select Administration.
  2. Log on as an administrative user and select the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab.
  3. Select the Citrix vendor daemon from the list.
  4. Edit the contents of License File or Directory to remove any deleted licenses and then save the configuration.


When you start the License Administration Console, a blank page might appear. This issue can occur if the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled and the License Administration Console is not in the Trusted Sites. Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and the License Administration Console appears.

License Administration Console