License administration

After you have imported your license files, the Citrix vendor daemon (CITRIX) administers them. The Citrix vendor daemon is responsible for core operations of the License Server, such as tracking the number of checked out licenses and who has them. The vendor daemon can manage all your Citrix license files and it is fully backward compatible with any license files you have. Set properties for the vendor daemon on the Vendor Daemon Configuration screen of the console.


You can manage only the Citrix vendor daemon by using this console. We don’t support running the Citrix vendor daemon on non-Citrix license servers.

Configuring the vendor daemon

The Vendor Daemon Configuration screen allows you to import license files, configure the vendor daemon, and view logs about the license activity. Only users that have administrator privileges can view this screen.

Select Administer in the vendor daemon summary grid to set these options:

Option Description
Vendor Daemon Port in Use The TCP/IP port number that the vendor daemon uses for communication with products.
Stop Stops the vendor daemon, but leaves the console running. When you stop a vendor daemon, Stop changes to Start. Disabled by default.
Start Starts the vendor daemon and reads the license files. Start only appears when the vendor daemon is stopped. When you start a vendor daemon, Start changes to Stop.
Reread License Files Rereads the contents of the license files and the options file.
Report Log Name This option is not functional.
Rotate Report Logs This option is not functional.
License administration