Fixed issues

Fixed issues in License Server version 11.17.2 build 35000

  • User/device license fails to check out with a space in the user name and displays the following error message:

    Error: checkoutOutBatch failed: Error_UNEXPECTED_DATA: Unexpected server response 'UD: ERROR_SYNTAX'.[LIC-3506]

  • The overdraft count displayed in the Citrix Licensing Manager is incorrect. In a license file with multiple incremental lines for the same Product_Edition_Model, the Citrix Licensing Manager displays the overdraft count of only the first incremental line in the license file, instead of adding the overdraft count from all the incremental lines. [LIC-3651]

Fixed issues in License Server build 34000

  • In the Citrix Licensing Manager > Settings > Account > User Administration section, the Username/Group name in the Japanese language or double-byte characters appear garbled. The registered double-byte User/Group names cannot log on to the Citrix Licensing Manager. [LIC-2032]

Fixed issues in License Server build 33000

There are no fixed issues in this build.

Fixed issues