Known issues

Known issues in License Server version 11.17.2 build 35000

There are no known issues in this release.

Known issues in License Server build 34000

  • In a cross-domain environment, the Citrix Licensing Manager and POSH cmdlet support only two-way trust to add a user.

With the external trust(one-way trust), the Citrix Licensing Manager, and the POSH cmdlet displays the following error message Active Directory account resolution failed.

We recommend that you run the CtxManageUserAndGroup.exe from the ‘Citrix\Licensing\LS\resource’ location with the following parameters: - Command to add a user: CtxManageUserAndGroup.exe –useradd “domain\username” -Role “admin/user” - Command to add a group: CtxManageUserAndGroup.exe –useradd “domain\username” –Role “adminGroup/userGroup

For example, if domain1 has an outgoing trust to domain2, then a user from domain2 can authenticate in domain1 and add a user to License Server using the executable only. [LIC-3268]

License file issues

  • The License Server ignores license files that have multiple lines referencing HOSTNAME=. Licenses in these files cannot be checked out. This issue is caused when you download licenses associated to different License Server host names in to the same license file.

    To resolve this issue, download again separate license files for each Citrix product tied to different License Server names.

  • Licenses with expiry date incorrectly formatted as D-MMM-YYYY appear as permanent in Studio. Use the Citrix Licensing Manager to display the correct license expiration dates. [LIC-2556]

Known issues