Prerequisites to obtain your license files

After you install the licensing components, you are ready to obtain your license files.

You can obtain your license files in several ways:

Ensure you have the following information ready, before going to the Citrix website to get your product licenses:

  • Your user ID and password for My Account.

  • The license access code. You can get this code in My Account on or in an email you receive from Citrix.

    Note: If you cannot locate the license access code or licenses you purchased, contact the Citrix Customer Service.

  • The hostname of the License Server on which you installed the licensing components. The License Server hostname is case-sensitive, so ensure that you copy the name exactly as it appears on the system.

    Select the down arrow in the top bar of the Citrix Licensing Manager screen to find the License Server hostname, Ethernet address, and IPv4 address. You can also run the hostname command at a command prompt on the License Server.

  • How many licenses you want to include in the license file. You do not have to download all the licenses you are entitled to at once. For example, if your company purchases 100 licenses, you can allocate and download only 50 now. Later, you can allocate the rest in another license file. You can have more than one license file based on the number of licenses allocated.

Prerequisites to obtain your license files