NetScaler Gateway

Configuring NetScaler Gateway with the First-time Setup Wizard

To configure the NetScaler Gateway (the physical appliance or the VPX virtual appliance) for the first time, you need an administrative computer configured on the same network as the appliance.

You must assign a NetScaler Gateway IP (NSIP) address as the management IP address of your appliance and a subnet IP (SNIP) address to which your servers can connect. You assign a subnet mask that applies to both NetScaler Gateway and SNIP addresses. You must also configure a time zone. If you assign a host name, you can access the appliance by specifying its name instead of the NSIP address.

There are two sections in the First-time Setup Wizard. In the first section, you configure the basic system settings for the NetScaler Gateway appliance including:

  • NSIP address, SNIP address, and subnet mask
  • Appliance host name
  • DNS servers
  • Time zone
  • Administrator password

In the second section, you install licenses. If you specify the address of a DNS server, you can use the hardware serial number (HSN) or license activation code (LAC) to allocate your licenses, instead of uploading your licenses from a local computer to the appliance.

Note: Citrix recommends saving your licenses to your local computer.

When you finish configuring these settings, NetScaler Gateway prompts you to restart the appliance. When you log on to the appliance again, you can use other wizards and the configuration utility to configure additional settings.

Configuring NetScaler Gateway with the First-time Setup Wizard

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