What is a Universal License (CCUs)?

Universal License is an add-on license on top of NetScaler platform licenses. These licenses are required for the following:

Securing ICA sessions

  1. SmartAccess

  2. SmartControl

  3. EPA


  1. For all SSL VPN use cases (Unified Gateway, CVPN, RDP proxy etc.)

  2. Portal

What is the change in the new Licensing policy?

Universal License were priced as following:

  1. 0-2499 users - $100 per user
  2. 2500+ users - $50 per user

The earlier packaging was as following:

  1. NS Standard and Enterprise included 5 Universal Licenses
  2. NS Platinum License includes 100 Universal Licenses

The change is as follows:

  1. NS Standard will include 500 licenses
  2. NS Enterprise will include 1000 licenses
  3. NS Platinum does not have any CCU requirement – meaning customers do not need CCUs with Platinum

On the other hand, if users purchase NS Platinum 11.1 or above, they can use universal licenses for ALL USE CASES.

User count Price
1-10000 $5
10001-20000 $2
20001+ $1.5

When is the new pricing available for customers?

New packaging will be included in NS build released on September 26th, 2016. The new SKUs will go live on September 19 2016.

What version of NetScaler do we need?

Customers need NS 11.1-49.16 or above to get the new packaging with CCUs.

How do existing customers get this?

Existing customers need to upgrade their existing NS versions to 11.1.49.xx to get the new packaging.

If a customer is unwilling to upgrade and wants to use NS for SSL VPN, below are the key things to ensure:

  1. Unified Gateway is available with NS Enterprise or Platinum versions ONLY
  2. If they have received CCUs for free with XenDesktop platinum, they need to purchase CCUs for SSL VPN OR purchase NS Platinum edition running 11.1.49.xx
  3. Online EULA is being updated at this time to reflect the usage scenarios. It will be posted here: https://www.citrix.com/buy/licensing/product.html
  4. They can get the same pricing through sales exception process

If a customer running Standard edition, want to buy 5000 licenses, how much do they pay?

If a customer is running standard edition, they get first 500 universal licenses for free. For the rest they will be charged per the new pricing which is $5 for 1-10000 users.

What if the same customer comes back and purchases another 6000 licenses, how much do they pay?

If the customer comes back to purchase another 6000 licenses, they will be charged 6000 users*$5 per user = $30,000. They will not get the benefit of using the row for 11,000 licenses.

Annual maintenance will also be charged on this price.

If a customer running Standard edition, want to buy 11000 licenses, how much do they pay?

If a customer is running Standard edition, they will get first 500 licenses for free. For the rest they will pay 10,500 users * $2 per user = $21,000

How are the other vendors charging, and what do I need to tell my customer?

All SSL VPN vendors charge per user session license. Citrix is the only company that does not charge per user session license if a customer is purchasing NetScaler Platinum edition.

If my customer has 100 CCUs they received with XenDesktop Platinum, and they buy 100 CCUs for Unified Gateway, do they now have 200 CCUs?

Yes. They do have 200 CCUs. But, they can only use 100 CCUs for SSL VPN use case. They can, however, use 200 CCUs for XenApp and XenDesktop use case.