Product Documentation

Accessing NetScaler Insight Center

Oct 30, 2015

After installing NetScaler Insight Center, you can access it from the configuration utility , by typing the IP address of the NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance in the address bar of the browser.

Enter the logon credentials that you specified when you installed the NetScaler Insight Center appliance.
Note: The default username and password to log on to NetScaler Insight Center are nsroot and nsroot, respectively.

After you validate your credentials, the Welcome screen appears. Click Get Started and follow the instructions to add at least one NetScaler ADC, one NetScaler Gateway, or one CloudBridge appliance to the NetScaler Insight Center inventory and start monitoring the devices. To add additional devices, see Adding Devices.

To programmatically access the NetScaler Insight Center and enable data collection, see NITRO API .