Release Notes for Build 48.10 of NetScaler MAS 11.1 Release

Updated: August 11, 2016 | Release notes version: 1.0
This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, lists the issues that are fixed, and specifies the issues that exist, for the NetScaler MAS 11.1 Build 48.10 release. See Release history.
Fixed Issues
The issues that are addressed in Build 48.10.
  • In the NetScaler MAS Infrastructure dashboard, NetScaler SD-WAN is not split into two instance types: SD-WAN WO and SD-WAN-EE. The SD-WAN displays include both SD-WAN WO and SD-WAN-EE instances.
    [# 648690]
  • For a service pack with an auto-provisioned instance, NetScaler MAS does not support an HA pair for SDX.
    [# 648566]
  • When a tenant assigned to a service package with an isolation policy partition is unable to create a VIP on a shared network, rollback fails and the NetScaler MAS displays the following error message: "Nitro timed out: Invalid Argument [tagged]." Although the rollback fails, configurations are successfully configured on the NetScaler instance type.
    [# 648514]
  • On the Application dashboard, for all virtual servers, the Search criterion generates a wrong count even if the data displayed in the GUI is accurate.
    [# 648441]
  • During instance interface configuration for Orchestration, the user can disable/enable the interface or assign the VLAN range. After user updates the setting, the GUI does not display the updated settings, until the page is refreshed.
    [# 648363]
  • After selecting one of the Cloud Platforms and submitting the form with the required settings under Orchestration, you is redirected to the Cloud Platform Selection page instead of Setting page.
    [# 648355, 648561]
  • For a service pack with an auto-provisioned device, NetScaler MAS does not support an HA pair for NOVA.
    [# 648298]
  • Enabling or disabling an entity from the Application Dashboard by using the State On-Off button does not create audit logs.
    [# 646015]
  • Using the NetScaler MAS GUI, you might not be able to delete partitioned instances that have gone out of service.
    [# 644750]
  • In NetScaler MAS, virtual servers and services takes a long time (~30 minutes) to be discovered on a HA setup.
    [# 647904]
  • NetScaler MAS NITRO API documentation references "NetScaler SDX" instead of "NetScaler MAS".
    [# 647686]
  • Events and syslog data are not sorted by date in the NetScaler MAS GUI.
    [# 647576]
  • The Tasks page under the Request tab keeps refreshing even after the tasks are complete.
    [# 647517]
  • The Desktop Director is not integrated with the NetScaler MAS.
    [# 647135]
  • When the MAS receives a request from an OpenStack tenant, the name of the tenant does not appear in the Tenant Name field in on the Orchestration Request tab.
    [# 637841]
Known Issues
The issues that exist in Build 48.10.
  • If a network gets disconnected while you are autoprovisioning NetScaler instances on NOVA, you should not perform other parallel operations on the NetScaler instances. Doing so could result in the instance becoming unstable. In that case, you might have to ask Citrix technical support to reconfigure the instance.
    [# 590687]
  • In Security insight, Search option drop-down list for Application Summary does not include all the filters.
    [# 630031]
  • When a NetScaler instance is unassigned from a service package, the interfaces configured for the instance are lost.
    Workaround: The interfaces should be reconfigured if the same NetScaler instance is assigned to another service package.
    [# 620635]
  • If you perform "Cleanup" operation for requests on which rollback failed, the following error message is displayed: "Rollback is not allowed for successfully completed requests".
    Workaround: You can refresh the page to view if the failed rollback has succeeded.
    [# 601294]
  • Auto-provision of VPX on SDX for NetScaler 11.1, 48.10 build errors out during Virtual IP address creation.
    [# 655535]
  • For an auto-provisioned NetScaler instance in NOVA, NetScaler MAS does not support a service package that specifies a partitioned isolation policy. Service package creation might succeed, but an error occurs when you configure the first load balancer.
    [# 654374]
  • Placement policies assigned to a service package are mutually exclusive. That is, placement policies should not overlap. If placement polices overlap, a placement policy might be assigned arbitrarily.
    [# 654267]
  • Traps forwarded from the NetScaler MAS server when a "Send Trap" rule is configured on events, always have the Community set to "public" (the default).
    [# 647610]
  • If the frequency of a job is scheduled as "once" for a specific time and date, the job is executed immediately instead of getting executed at the scheduled time.
    [# 654763]
  • For NetScaler SD-WAN, while using the "SetTrafficShapingPolicy" built-in template to execute Configuration jobs, you are required to specify values for all parameters, even if they are not mandatory.
    [# 613965, 613962]
  • Users within a tenant group can view all jobs, including jobs on NetScaler instances to which they are not assigned.
    [# 647539]
  • When an HA pair is created with different NetScaler MAS versions, an erroneous "Invalid Password" message is displayed.
    [# 647168]
  • In the installation files and scripts in the NetScaler driver bundle, the configurations in the neutron.conf file have Control Center options instead of the NetScaler MAS options that are required. When prompted for the IP address of the machine running control center, enter the IP address of the machine running NetScaler MAS. For example, while installing the driver, specify the MAS IP address for the "--ip" option even though prompted for controlcenter_ip.
    [# 653696]
  • In a NetScaler MAS high availability setup, when "mas_inventory" subsystem goes down, File Sync might not work.
    Workaround: Reboot both the NetScaler MAS servers in the HA pair.
    [# 654597]
  • In Security Insight, Safety Index filters display incorrect output.
    [# 640160]
  • The time interval for which data is displayed on the dashboard might not match the selected time interval. If no data is available for part of the selected time interval, NetScaler MAS shows data from the date on which it started receiving the AppFlow data.
    [# 601474]
  • In Security Insight, on the Application Summary page, IP reputation is not displayed in the Violation Category drop-down list.
    [# 643629]
  • When you upgrade the NetScaler appliance from 11.0 release to a newer release (11.1 or higher), Security Insight is set to disabled.
    1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (for example,
    2. In User Name and Password, enter the administrator credentials.
    3. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances, and select the NetScaler instance you want to enable AppFlow.
    4. From the Action drop-down, select Enable/Disable AppFlow.
    5. Select the virtual servers, and click Enable AppFlow.
    6. In the Enable AppFlow field, type true, and select Security Insight.
    7. Click OK.
    [# 653626]
Release history
For details of a specific release, refer to the corresponding release notes.

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