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Aug 28, 2017

A NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS) requires a verified NetScaler MAS license to manage and monitor Citrix NetScaler instances.  


You can add any number of NetScaler instances in NetScaler MAS. But if you want to monitor and manage the virtual servers configured on the added instances, you might have to upgrade your licenses on NetScaler MAS.

Virtual Server Limitation

NetScaler MAS, by default can manage and monitor 30 virtual servers configured on your NetScaler instances. 

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Licenses for additional virtual servers are available in virtual server packs of 100. You can obtain a valid license and add the licenses on the NetScaler MAS appliances through the NetScaler MAS GUI. 

High Availability

Licenses are node locked to the Netscaler MAS servers, which means that you have to use a specific NetScaler MAS server's IP address for all the license-related operations on a high availability pair. When licensing, select a NetScaler MAS server that will be in charge of licensing, and apply all future licenses on that server. 

Note:  You need only one license file for installing the licenses to the NetScaler MAS high availability pair. 

When fail-over occurs, the other node will maintain the licensing for a grace period of 30 days. 


The Orchestration module is independent of licensing and is always available.

Upgrading the Virtual Server Licenses

You can upgrade the licensing on NetScaler MAS to monitor and manage more virtual servers hosted on the NetScaler appliances. 

To upgrade your appliance licenses

1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (for example,

2. In User Name and Password, enter the administrator credentials.

3. On the Configuration tab, navigate to Infrastructure > Licenses > Settings.

4. In the details pane, go to License Files, and select one of the following options: 

  • Upload license files from a local computer - If a license is already present on your local computer, click Browse and select the license file (.lic) that you want to use to allocate your licenses. Click Finish.
  • Use License Activation Code - Citrix emails the LAC for the license that you purchased. Enter the LAC in the text box and then click Get Licenses.


If you select this option, the NetScaler Management and Analytics System must be connected to the Internet, or a proxy server must be available.

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4. You can add more licenses from the License Settings page at any time.

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You can verify the licenses installed on your NetScaler MAS by navigating to Infrastructure > Licenses > System Licenses.

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Licensing the Virtual Servers

You can select the virtual servers to manage and monitor through MAS. Earlier, NetScaler MAS randomly allocated licenses to the virtual servers discovered in NetScaler MAS.

If the total number of virtual servers hosted by the discovered NetScaler Instances is lower than the number of installed Virtual server licenses, NetScaler MAS licenses all the virtual servers.

Points to Note

  • By default, NetScaler MAS automatically licenses the virtual servers randomly after each virtual server poll cycle.
  • If the total number of virtual servers discovered in your NetScaler MAS is lower than the number of installed virtual server licenses, NetScaler MAS, by default, licenses all the virtual servers.
  • To select the virtual servers manually, or to restrict licensing to limited virtual servers, you have to first disable auto licensing the virtual servers, and then select the virtual servers you want to manage.
  • NetScaler MAS donot license the non-addressable virtual servers. to manage them, you need to manually license them.

To manage licensed virtual servers

1. Log on to NetScaler MAS using a supported web browser.

2. Navigate to Networks > Licenses > System Licenses.

The dashboard displays the virtual server licenses available, the managed virtual servers along with the virtual server type.

3. In the License Settings section, disable Auto-select Virtual servers.

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4. Click Select Virtual Servers.

5. In the Choose Virtual Servers screen, select the type of virtual servers by clicking the relevant tab.

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6. Select the virtual servers to be licensed from the available list.

7. Click Next to move to the other virtual servers’ tab, or click Save and Exit to license the selected virtual servers.

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Expiry Checks for Virtual Server Licenses

You can now view the status of and set alerts for virtual server license expiry in NetScaler MAS.

To view the status of the licenses

1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Licenses > System Licenses.

2. In the License Expiry Information section, you can find the details of the licenses that are going to expire:

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  • Feature: Type of license that is going to expire.
  • Count: Number of virtual servers or instances that will be affected.
  • Days to expiry: Number of days remaining before expiry. 

To configure the notification settings of licenses 

1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Licenses > Settings.

2. In the Notification Settings section, click the pencil icon and edit the parameters.

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  • Email profile: Email profile or distribution list for sending notifications when licenses reach threshold, or going to expire.
  • SMS Profile: SMS profile or distribution list for sending notifications when licenses reach threshold, or going to expire.
  • Alert Threshold: Set percentage of pooled licenses to notify administrators by Email or SMS.
  • License Expiry Threshold: Number of days before the number of licenses determined by Alert Threshold expire.