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Configure expiry checks for pooled capacity licenses

May 24, 2018

You can now configure license expiry threshold for NetScaler pooled capacity licenses. By setting thresholds, NetScaler MAS sends notifications via email or SMS when a license is due to expire. An SNMP trap and a notification is also sent when the license has expired on NetScaler MAS.

An event is generated when a license expiry notification is sent and this event can be viewed on NetScaler MAS.

To configure license expiry checks

1. Navigate to Networks Licenses.

2. In the License Settings page, under the License Expiry Information section, you can find the details of the licenses that are going to expire:

  • Feature: Type of license that is going to expire.
  • Count: Number of virtual servers or instances that will be affected.
  • Days to expiry: Number of days before license expiry. 
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3. In the Notification Settings section, click the Edit icon and specify the alert threshold. You can set a percentage of pooled licenses capacity to be used to notify administrators.

4. Choose the type of notification you want to send by selecting the appropriate check box. The notification types are as follows:

a. Email Profile : Specify a mail server and profile details. An email is triggered when your licenses are about to expire.

b. SMS Profile: Specify a Short Message Service (SMS) server and profile details. An SMS message is triggered when your licenses are about to expire.

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5. Then, specify when you want to send the notification in terms of number of days before license expiry.

6. Click Save.


When you add new licenses to the pool, the NetScaler instances use the new licenses on expiry of their existing licenses.